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We have supported more than 700  professionals globally with self-leadership, productivity and balance. We believe everyone has what it takes to  thrive at work and at home.

Lectures & Workshops

We offer lectures and workshops that inspire, spark new insight and lead to concrete change in the way individuals and organisations work.

Everything we do is based on science and research. Behavioural change, self-leadership, the neuroscience of productivity and recovery, are some of topics we cover.

We support organisations in how to build a sustainable culture through engaging workshops and self-leadership programs. Concrete tools and a hands on approach is at the core of the way we work.

im inspired and want more

Who am I? What are my drivers? What kind of life do I want to live? How do I become a better leader?

Coaching offers tools for growth, self-reflection and personal development. Coaching helps you formulate your goals, make a concrete plan, and follow small steps to reach what you aim for.

We offer coaching for individuals, teams and managers globally. We offer coaching online and face-to-face in Helsinki, Finland.

Im inspired and want more